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I'm admin on the forum because i need to do something.
Tom is mod, Not admin.
Is tom admin?
I aggree
She has alot of talent.

Teamspeak Server

iLittleBlockman a posted Wed at 19:36
Hey Guys,

We now have a TeamSpeak 3 server! You can download teamspeak at http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads Hope to see you guys on the server.


Special thanks to tommartenot for making this happen!

Warm Regards,

A Thank You

Alz_07 a posted Apr 11, 14
Hey guys,

I'd just like to publicly thank two staff members for their time and commitment to the server that they've shown recently. 
These two people are Smoke51 and iLittleBlockman - Head Builder and Admin respectively.

Smoke, our Head Builder:

-He has been coordinating the building of the new spawn.
-Managing all of the Builders, Builder+ and sometimes other staff who help out with it.
-He created the landscape we've made this new spawn on.
-He planned where the builds would go.
-He has made a great amount of the builds in the new spawn himself, and overseen many others which he did not build. 
-He's also been managing Builder applications
-He has been helping out in many more small ways, including helping me make decisions on plugins and such. And these are only the very recent ways he's been helping the server - lets not forget he effectively single-handedly made our current spawn.
A massive thanks to Smoke.

iLittle, our Admin:

-In the past week he has in fact put in far more work into the server than I have, I'm somewhat disappointed to admit to myself. 
-He's been enforcing the rules on the server and helping as he should.
-He's given me a ton of help with sorting out applications
-He has been installing plugins that we need, and sorting out the configurations of these plugins
-He has been filling in any gaps of work in preparation for the upcoming updates, including creating the signs to help players in that upcoming spawn. --He has been helping manage any staff problems such as inactivity
-And again, he's done more. These things are only the very recent.
A massive thanks to iLittle too.

That's all I wanted to say. Have a good day guys.
All the best, Alex.

Dave90000 Though being new, I can see how much hard work Smoke51 and iLittle put into the server, such as many more people. Thank ...
adam21886 Thanks Smoke and iLittle for all your hard work!!!!
TheMightyElf @ PixelVerse
Thankyou for your work towards the server guys!

Breaking News

iLittleBlockman a posted Apr 8, 14
Hey Guys,

Mojang has temporarily suspended their services due to an exploit in the OpenSSL service used to do a lot of Mojang things...

They said "Due to an exploit in the OpenSSL software used by Amazon's load balancing service (which we use for most of our stuff) we were forced to temporary suspend all of our services. All systems are now back online, and the exploit has been fixed. There was no way to target specific users, but we can not guarantee that your information wasn't compromised. Therefore we recommend everyone to change their Mojang/Minecraft account passwords."

This essentially means their servers are down (Meaning you can't connect) due to the issue they were facing. Their services are now back online, however they recommend you change your password just to be sure no data on you was collected, although it's very unlikely that it was.

All the best,

Sessions are now back up!

An update on Gyms

iLittleBlockman a posted Apr 8, 14
Hey guys,

Some of you may be wondering what ever happened to gyms, and we haven't been communicating to you guys that well as to what the status is. But don't worry, we haven't forgot about them, we're just looking for the best time to implement them. This evening, I have started working on a plugin we're using for the gyms (That's what the message is when ever a gym leader joins the game). Even though we have started preparing for gyms, they're not quite ready yet, and I can't promise a date when they will be available, but when they do launch, you will know.

One thing that needs to happen before we launch gyms is fill the slots with gym leaders. We currently need to fill a couple more slots, so if you guys wish to apply for a position, be my guest! The current leaders are in the list below...
Grass/Bug - gvido1996
Rock/Ground - CookieKid_
Dark/Ghost - Boomfan56
Normal/Psychic - zachb72, Storm000
Fire/Fighting - avatarajax 
Water/Ice - natharicus
Steel/Electric - sickblad, adam21886
Flying/Dragon - RAM100

As you can see, we still need to fill Flying/Dragon and Fire/Fighting, but any of the other gyms would be fine to apply too as-well. Again, I can not promise you a date on the release of gyms, but I hope that satisfied your knowledge as to what's happening.

All the best,

SomeRandomChair --> Alz_07

Alz_07 a posted Apr 7, 14
Due to the difficulties that people were having with adjusting to my account change, I've decided that doing things under the account SomeRandomChair is not really worth it. 
Never mind.

All the best, Alex.

adam21886The Best Server Ever!
WumpleBerriesLove this server keep it up :d
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Alz_07   created a new website titled PixelVerse on Enjin
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