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There Are Villagers Roamong Around Spawn o_o
Typo on the link, remove the dot on the end when you click on it.
Make sure you have all the right versions or look at this [link] If you still don't get it I suggest installing a modpack from the technic launcher
what does it mean when it says "Outdated Server! I'm still on {0}"
Im about to kill myself it took around 5000 hours to build my underwater house

Pixelverse 2.0

Alz_07 a
Alz_07 @ Pixelverse
posted Sat at 1:04
Hi all, it's been a while!

We've finally sorted out almost everything for 1.7.2 that we can, and are going public again. There have been a LOT of problems that we've had to do our best to work with. I'll explain the biggest problems we encountered, and what that means for you all, but first I'm starting off with the positives.

We've decided to call this Pixelmon 2.0. And we are now public.

In order to log on, you need to be using Pixelmon 3.1.4, for Minecraft 1.7.2. For any help logging on, refer to the Installing Pixelmon tab, which has been updated.

The Great Changes:

- A New Spawn, with new Admin Shops, Gym Portals, a Tutorial Area, and more. Much more Pixelmon-based than before.

- A superior new Land Protection plugin, Grief Prevention.

- Additions to the Voting System, you receive Voting Points which you can soon buy things with in a Voting Points shop, such as rare items, bundles of items and blocks, money, claim blocks, and more.

- Legendaries will be spawning.

- We now have mcMMO, a Skills/Abilities based plugin for when you go mining, woodcutting, and so on.

- 1.7 Map Biomes, so all of the new biomes can be found.

Upcoming in the next few days ideally:

- Events on a Calender Module on the Website. For example, Battle Competitions, Hide 'n Seek Competitions, Occasional Drop Parties, Wonder Trade Wonders, and more.

- Sale (roughly 15% off).

- Proper Gym Leader Integration, with our custom badge plugin fully working.

The No-So-Great Points:

- World File Formats changed, due to the new biomes
Therefore, we have been forced to have a complete map wipe.
This meant that our worlds literally won't load with 1.7.2, they just generate as new wilderness. This means that we've sadly had to have a clean map, as downloading the world file would have taken several weeks or more, due to its incredible size.

- Players have lost the Pixelmon items in their Inventory and Enderchests, as Pixelmon changed how it handled these, due to Minecraft Forge 1.7.2 changing how it handled item IDs. All of the item IDs were reduced by around 4000, and therefore all previous IDs no longer exist. However, your vanilla items in your inventory and enderchests will have been kept. And this does not affect Pixelmon, they will all still be yours.

Due to these two, long-standing players will of course feel disheartened. You still have your Pixelmon and money, but even so, I and other staff will be doing our best to try and help out if possible. Also, everyone's Starting Kit cooldown has been reset. Claim yours today!

- PEx, our ranks manager, had to change how it works, so no one has their ranks currently.
They'll need to have them re-given to them after they've logged onto the server, and this includes Gym Leader ranks. I have a list of the exact donation ranks of all players, which the other high staff also have, so simply request for one of them to change your rank or notify another staff when you're online or on the forums. So this problem is not much of a problem, more of a temporary annoyance.

The Same-Old:

- Everyone still has their money.
- Everyone still has all of their Pixelmon.
- I'm still around, you lucky dogs.

Looking forward to finally moving forward with the server again. Many good things to come and look forward to!

As always, all the best guys.  Alex (Alz_07)

Server Update

Alz_07 a
Alz_07 @ Pixelverse
posted Jun 30, 14
Hey Guys,

Just keeping you informed that I'm working on updating the server, and during this the server will be up but white-listed. Therefore, if you see a player or two on the server, that does not necessarily mean that the server is public.

The new update has caused a ton of problems, as it changes how the world generation and world files work, and how forge handles IDs, and whilst I've been doing my best to deal with them, you'll need to be understanding with the final product.

Looking forward for the server being public with a ton of updates that we've been wanting to add for too long!

All the best, Alex.

1.7 Problems

tommartenot a posted Jun 30, 14
Hello all,

As alot of you know Pixelmon 3.1 for 1.7 has recently come out and we are all exited about it.
Pixelverse will be updating as soon as we can but at the moment we are having some technical
difficulties updating the server so it will take more time then we expected.

Hugs from Tom :D

Upcoming Update

Alz_07 a
Alz_07 @ Pixelverse
posted Jun 2, 14
Hey all,

As some of you may know, there is a big upcoming update to the server. However, I'll fill in a few blanks that so that you are all a bit more knowledgeable about it.

We've got a massive list of updates that we'll be doing to the server when Pixelmon for 1.7 comes around. I won't be saying all of the updates now, but there are a lot, major and minor ones. I believe this will make the server a brilliant server to play on, better than it is now, and it corrects some problems that currently we have. It includes a new spawn and many new plugins.

However, we are waiting for Pixelmon 3.1, which is for Minecraft 1.7, to come out as I've said. We have been waiting for a long time. To be honest, it's a little silly how optimistic I was at the speed in which they'd bring out the update, and the Pixelmon developers seem to be messing around with a lot of relatively pointless features which could have waited until after the update was out. Oh well.

I'm very much looking forward to this. Until then, many of the staff and players have been busy with exams, I know I have been. Once these are over, I'll be working as much as possible on the server again, and I'm looking forward to being able to.

All the best, Alex.

Boomfan56 They just released Beta, but it may take "3 weeks of testing" until it officially comes out :l

Teamspeak Server

iLittleBlockman a posted Apr 16, 14
Hey Guys,

We now have a TeamSpeak 3 server! You can download teamspeak at http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads Hope to see you guys on the server.


Special thanks to tommartenot for making this happen!

Warm Regards,
Hunter_NoahAwesome server, also this is my first time playing pixelmon. Having a good time ppl!
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ranque26i forgot the ip pls tell me wats the ip
tommartenot   [link]
adam21886The Best Server Ever!
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WumpleBerriesLove this server keep it up :d
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gmilchi love this server
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Alz_07   created a new website titled Pixelverse on Enjin
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